Workplace Drug Testing Kits

We supply drug & alcohol testing kits for use in the workplace & for pre-employment drug & alcohol screening

All the drug testing kits included in our Workplace Drug Tests section are suitable for use in UK workplace settings. All have UK, EU and International quality certification to exacting medical standards and can be used with confidence in all Point of Care drug and alcohol testing programs. There is no standard combination specified by the HSE or other bodies in the UK, with the exception of Network rail trackside drug testing. We suggest you start with a 6 or 7 drug combination which covers the large, common drug groups and add additional test membranes as they are required. Our 10-panel ALLTEST cup test is the most widely used combination for urine testing in the UK.

We are the UK's leading online supplier of drug & alcohol testing kits for workplace drug testing. We are onsite drug testing experts and have been drug test kit distributors for urine & saliva to businesses, clinics, & companies in the UK now for over 18 years. We are able to provide prompt advice and high quality professional fully certified rapid drug & alcohol testing kits & information to meet your needs.

In most cases, we will aim to have one of our workplace drug test experts contact you on the day of your inquiry. Put us to the test e-mail your inquiry to
Please provide as much detail of your requirements as possible with contact details. Alternatively, phone us on 01263 731 168 during office hours. 


Next Day Drug Tests 

If you are in mainland UK and you order drug test kits for workplace testing before 3 pm Monday to Friday and select one of our next day delivery options you will receive your drug tests next day. 

Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test Kits Largest UK Ranges

Just one step, fast simple & reliable. Always the best value, with comprehensive 12 or 13-panel oral/saliva drug screens. A great value oral fluid/saliva drug screening test for the detection of 11 common drug groups plus including Cannabis, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamine, Benzodiazepine, Methamphetamine, Methadone, Barbituates, Buprenorphine, Oxycodone, PCP plus alcohol 

ALLTEST split chamber 10 Panel Drug Testing Kit

The integrated 10 Panel split key cup urine drug testing kits are our most popular integrated cup drug test kits with employers and with good reason. It is a high quality & very accurate professional drug test kit screening for 10 drugs of abuse in one urine sample. The 10-panel drug test panel is integrated into the urine test cup making it very simple & easy to use and makes it easy to send a sample off for laboratory confirmation if required.

Professional Drug Tests for Business, NHS & Clinics

Business, Clinics, NHS, Police, Prisons, Local authorities and Trusts and all professional end users are offered a complete range of INSTALERT and ALLTEST professional drug testing kits. We can supply fully certified & branded drug and alcohol testing kits for less than your current drug test supplier. Buy drug tests online, by fax or purchase order. From single drug test strips and cassette drug tests through to The ALLTEST split chamber collection cup 10-panel drug screens, we have the right drug test kit for the job

Bulk discounts available, for wholesale drug test prices, email or telephone us during office hours 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. We accept purchase orders from Businesses, Prisons, GP's, NHS, Police or Local Authority by e-mail or post

Drug Testing Kits For Workplace Testing 10% Coupon Code

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